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When should I begin my Debt Free Life journey?

As soon as you are ready to start paying off debt! It’s simple to get started – begin by filling out our short form and a certified Debt Free Life consultant will be in touch to schedule your free consultation.


How much does Debt Free Life cost?

By redirecting overpayments or discretionary income into the cash value of your policy, you become your own bank and pay off debts with no additional out-of-pocket expenses. Premiums for whole life insurance, like other types of life insurance, depend on your age and health at the time you apply.


What can I expect during my free consultation?

In your first consultation with your Debt Free Life consultant, you will discuss your existing debts, interest rates, principal balances and all current payments you’re making towards debts. Your consultant will then use our exclusive Debt Free Life software to break down the amortization schedule for each debt to find the point where more money will be going to principal, rather than interest.


Is Debt Free Life a debt consolidation plan?

No, Debt Free Life helps make your money work for you by utilizing cash value within a life insurance policy. With the guidance of your certified Debt Free Life consultant, you will eliminate debts and interest owed over time while accruing additional tax-favored funds within the policy’s cash value.


What are the advantages of Debt Free Life?

The main advantage of Debt Free Life is putting you back in control of your finances by eliminating debt. You will also reduce the amount of interest paid to lenders while accruing funds in the cash value component of a whole life insurance policy.


Will Debt Free Life impact my credit score?

As you pay off debts with the guidance of a certified Debt Free Life consultant, your credit score may improve. There are no credit checks required when applying for a life insurance policy.