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How does Debt Free Life work?

Debt Free life is a modern way to pay off your debt using the cash value of a specialized whole life insurance policy.

Get Your Personalized Debt Elimination Report

Using our exclusive software, your certified Debt Free Life consultant will generate a personalized debt elimination report showing you how and when to pay off each debt and:

Build Cash Value

Extra funds are redirected into the cash value of your policy. Now, your money will accrue guaranteed interest and annual dividends.

Pay Off Debts

Using the money in the cash value of your policy, you will begin to pay off the principal balance of your debts. By borrowing money from yourself, you can pay off your debts faster and reduce interest owed to banks and lenders.

Start Living Debt Free

Once your debts are paid off, you can use your policy funds for large purchases, retirement, or a child’s education.